The connection to my Coast Salish culture and the natural world have always taught me to honour the lives of my ancestors. I view my artwork as a form of personal expression and a way to share my heritage.


About the artist

Stz’uminus artist John Marston (Qap’u’luq) carves according to Coast Salish tradition. His tools replicate those of his ancestors, his artistic process similar to theirs.

The youngest of seven children, Marston learned primarily from watching his parents (Jane and David Marston, both accomplished carvers), as well as renowned Cowichan Tribes master carver Simon Charlie. He began carving at age 8, along with his brother Luke (also a renowned carver), he spent considerable time observing elders, absorbing the traditional methods.

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Stz’uminus artist John Marston (Qap’u’luq)

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